WOW...beginning this weekend, no unsupervised kid under the age of 17 will be allowed in the Lansing Mall past 6pm.


Because of rowdiness, vulgarity and obnoxiousness. Complaints have poured in from many people, claiming they will not shop at the mall on weekend nights unless something is done to curb the problem, which is caused by SOME - not all - persons under 17 years old who have ruined weekend evenings at the mall for their peers.

A Lansing State Journal article says "One supervising adult may accompany up to 6 young people, all of whom must remain with that adult. The policy does not cover stores and restaurants with exterior entrances."

Will the Meridian Mall follow suit (if they haven't already)?
How do YOU feel about it?

Read the entire article from the Lansing State Journal by CLICKING HERE.