I’ve posted about the former Lake Lansing Amusement Park a few times...and I still get requests to do more.

Below, I've included a gallery of screenshots and a video that may be a bit fuzzy, but are still enjoyable to see. This place meant so much to so many people in the area and these pictures seem to be endlessly enjoyed by those who remember this place…a place close-by…a place to have fun without the tedious drive to Cedar Point.

It’s a shame some have deemed it necessary to destroy things we used to have for entertainment…this park, drive-in theaters and much more.

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My dad used to take me over to Lake Lansing Park and I was always in awe of the roller coaster. In this photo gallery, you'll not only see the roller coaster, but the Merry-Go-Round, pony rides, 1930’s thru 1960’s fashions of the day, mini-railroad, concession stands, color and black & white photos, the old cars and more.

The area had been used for recreation and vacationing ever since the late 1800’s and was eventually made into an amusement park that fascinated kids and adults alike from 1934-1974.

I’ll probably continue to post this every so often.…hopefully someone will get the idea and give us another local amusement park to enjoy. We can use one.

For those who remember, enjoy these pictures again…and again…and again…


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