Netflix had a captive audience this year and they loved the Tiger King.  Wikipedia says: Tiger King is a 2020 American true crime documentary streaming television miniseries about the life of zookeeper Joe Exotic.

Tiger King was released on Netflix in March of 2020 and developed a huge following.  The show followed the life of Joe Exotic as well as his friends, employees and his enemies.  Enemy #1 being Carole Baskin, a fellow keeper of big cats.  The more that things heated up between the sworn enemies the better the show became and people loved all the drama.

Rumors swirled around Carole, ..what happened to her husband?  Where was her husband ?  Did Carole kill him and put him though a meat grinder?  Know one knows for sure, but it made for great watching and made both Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin famous.

Carole went on to Dancing With The Stars, while Joe Exotic was sent to prison.  Exotic is serving a 22-year sentence  after he was found guilty on 19 counts.  They include murder-for-hire ( he says he was framed), as well as violating the Endangered Species Act when he killed five tigers.

Life seems to be good for Carole Baskin, she sent out an end-of-the-year email to her fans and she revealed some new projects.  Those include working on a TV show and also her memoir.  Baskin also has her own bobbel head, a licensing deal with mask manufactures and a personalized fan greeting video site, which she is 'killing' at having created more than 23 hundred greetings.

For some, its good to be 'King', or on Tiger King.  Check out the show airing on Netflix.

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