Winter is a fun time to play outdoors with the kids, but it's important to be aware of the temperature and wind chill to prevent hypothermia from setting in.

Taking proper precautions for the colder weather is very important in keeping your family healthy this year.   Here are a few tips for keeping your kids safe this winter:

1.  Be aware of wind chill.  Young kids can safely be outdoors when it's 30 degrees or above.  Dress them in layers and make sure they wear hats and mittens.

2.  Keep emergency blankets in the car to prepare for potential break downs in inclement weather.  Keep hats, gloves and water in the trunk in case you have to be rescued.

3.  Protect your family from winter colds and flu by washing hands frequently and teaching kids to cough or sneeze into the bend of their arm.  Spray disinfectant on door handles and counter tops where flu viruses are prone to breed.

4.  When sledding, keep kids away from motorized vehicles.  Keep younger kids and older kids in separate areas so little ones don't get run over by a speeding sled.