According to the Lansing State Journal, "if you're working from home due to the pandemic, you may find yourself sitting a lot more than usual."

So many people are working from home these days and that means a lot of sitting and not enough body movement.

When you think about it, that means no walking back and forth to meetings, or even walking to and from the parking lot.

According to McLaren Greater Lansing, when you sit, certain muscles stay in shortened position. So when you combine lack of movement and exercise, the end result is tighter muscles.

My wife is working from home these days and she has been having issues with her lower back. She sits a lot without any movement and now she is asking about ways to help combat muscle tightness.

Here are three stretches from McLaren Rehabilitation Service that can definitely help:

1. Lower trunk rotations. This is an exercise that you do while lying down. Just pull out a blanket, and find a spot on your floor and begin stretching those tight muscles. Lower trunk rotations help increase flexibility in your lower back and hips.

2. Hip flexor stretches. Since my wife has been suffering from lower back pain ever since she started working from home, I'm sure that hip flexor stretches can help. Tight hips are a common side effect of sitting down for extended periods of time. These stretches are a great way to maintain flexibility and help open up your hips.

3. Doorway stretches. Here's another stretch that can do wonders for the muscles in your upper back. The stretch can help correct slouched posture and prevent rounded shoulders.

If you start working on all of these stretches at home, you should feel the results within a matter of time. The best part of this is that you don't need to leave your house and it doesn't require any fitness equipment. (LSJ) 

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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