It's called a "memorial" but it's more of an homage to Michigan's official state fish, the Brook Trout.

The National Trout Memorial - also known as “Big Trout Fountain,” “Fisherman’s Shrine,” and “Trent the Trout” - is on US131 in downtown Kalkaska.

Kalkaska has hosted the National Trout Festival since 1935, so it makes perfect sense the town should have this big ol' fish shrine on display. The Trout Festival occurs every April, bringing Michiganders in from all over the state.

It took two guys to sculpt the whole 17-foot long, 12-foot high trout in 320 hours, using a real frozen trout as a model. This monster trout is planted smack out in front of the Kalkaska Museum, located at 335 S. Cedar Street. If the museum looks like a train depot, it's because it once was - it's also referred to as the historic Kalkaska GR&I Railroad Depot.

Next time you're in the area, get yerself a snap of this big ol' fish and meander through the museum. If you're a true Michigander, you just can't get enough of our state's history and little odd things to do!

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