In the extremely small town of Kaleva, MI - population 509 - is a house made from over 60,000 glass bottles.

The home owner was also the owner of Northwestern Bottling Works; therefore, he could use all the bottles he wanted for his project.

The house - also made of brick & wood - was finished in 1941 and remains an interesting sight for Michigan road-trippers who want to go off the beaten path for a few miles.

You can't miss it once you turn down Wuoksi Avenue: the words "Happy Home" are right in front, giving away it's location.

The Kaleva Historical Society now owns the house and turned it into the Kaleva Historical Museum, which will also be worth stopping for, with artifacts and antiques from the 1800's and 1900's.

The museum claims our word for soft drinks - "pop" - came from Northwestern Bottling Works Company, where the homebuilder worked (pop was bottled with a cork that would 'pop' when opened, like champagne).

Mark it down for your Michigan roadtrippin'!