Shiawassee County Judge Ward Clarkson has ruled accused murderer Mark Latunski  is incompetent to stand trial in the murder and mutilation of Kevin Bacon of Swartz Creek.

The next step in the process is that Latunski will go to a forensic center until he regains competence.  This after a 30 day exam and stay at a state psychiatric hospital in Ypsilanti.  It was the opinion of the Doctors there that he be declared incompetent.

Latunski can, at some point be brought to trial  because there is no statute of limitations on murder.  Bacon was murdered either Christmas eve or Christmas day,the 25 year old was stabbed in the back, his throat slit and he was hanging in the basement  of Latunski's home by his feet.  His body had been mutilated.

The home where all this took place was put up for auction yesterday and was sold to the highest bidder, who was a man from Las Vegas who was representing a buyer that he would not reveal.   I know Zac Baggins, the host of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Chanel, is from Vegas and loves to buy homes like this that have a dark history.  It will be interesting to see if it shows up on his show one day, if so, I called it.

In the mean time the murderer is locked up and away from the public.

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