You’d think that with the history within the grounds of Dearborn’s Greenfield Village, there would be some lingering spirits, right?

Well, yeah.

Among the probable spirits of Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, the Wright Brothers, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Foster, Civil War soldiers and ol’ Henry Ford himself, it’s said that there’s another entity on the grounds…one that seems out-of-place.

President John F. Kennedy.

The Henry Ford Museum contains the 1961 Lincoln Continental Presidential Limousine that President John F. Kennedy rode in when he was assassinated in 1963. After Kennedy’s death, the car was cleaned up, rebuilt, and used by Kennedy successor Lyndon B. Johnson.

As for paranormal occurrences, each year on the evening of the anniversary of Kennedy’s death, November 22, some employees and visitors say they've seen an entity resembling Kennedy standing next to the car and waving. The figure then leaves a red rose on the hood of the car.

Witnesses claim that the entity somehow relays a message that he was shot by two men, one of whom was standing on the lawn under some trees.

I guess to verify, you'll have to visit Greenfield Village for yourself and ask a security guard or employee...either way, it's still a terrific place to visit.

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