I can hardly express how happy I am to write some good news in a post. The COVID-19 pandemic is what everyone is talking about. On the news at night we see the numbers of those sick and those who died.

Well, it's good news time!

A few days ago, Jackson resident Monica Cyrocki was just doing her normal day, when the mail carrier alerted her to something. Crying was coming out of a storm drain. A quick peek and they saw that it was ducklings and they were trapped. Monica got her fiance there to help and then others in the neighborhood showed up to help.

This group then got busy in an effort to save the ducklings. They did manage to get out six of the ducklings but they then realized there were three more trapped in the sewage pipe, which was deeper and underneath the road.

A new plan was needed if they were going to save the last three ducklings.

After they pried off a manhole cover, Kyle Morgan then climbed a ladder into the sewer (give me a minute......yuck). With the help of the neighbors, a net and a bucket on a string they were able to rescue the final three ducklings (insert cheering here).

One of Morgan's neighbors took the rescued little ducklings to a Wildlife rehab center. Mama duck had taken off; she was scared of all the people.

I am pleased to report that since the rescue the little ducklings are doing fine and will be raised at the animal rehab facility.

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