Surely many people remember drive-in style A&W restaurants or have been to the popular Chick Inn Drive In located in Ypsilanti, The Flushing A in Flushing, MI near Flint or even a handful of Sonic Drive-In locations around the state.

While those are delicious, only one in Michigan has been deemed the best.

Where is Michigan's Best Drive-In Restaurant?

Recently Mashed released the best drive-in restaurant in each state. Keep in mind, there aren't too many remaining in the country. So, those that get publicity have been at it over 50 years or so.

Michigan's best drive-in restaurant is located in the southern-most part of the Lower Peninsula in Coldwater, MI. Short's Root Beer Drive-In.

Not only do they have delicious hot dogs, like one topped with bacon and homemade bleu cheese, but they still provide car-side service.

Short's Drive-In Menu

You can get burgers, dogs, sandwiches of all kinds, but you won't find a bigger selection of flavors for shakes, malts and ice cream. For instance, they have a limited time "Dole Whip" flavor right now -- think creamy pineapple... nom, nom, nom. Other flavors include Blueberry Cheesecake, Banana Royale, Coffee Espresso, Red Velvet Cate, Bubble Gum and many more.

Their Dessert Nachos steal the show, though. It's waffle cone "nacho chips" with ice cream covered in caramel sauce. If the dairy isn't your thing, don't worry -- they still serve ice slushees, too.

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The only downside will be the cost of gas to get there since it's near the Indiana border at 378 W. Chicago Street, Coldwater, MI 49036. Maybe on your next road trip you can enjoy a small town, big flavor dining experience.

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