I feel like I learn some of the weirdest and most interesting things on TikTok. When I was scrolling through this last time, I learned about some of the whacky laws Michigan still has on the books from the_michigander. Apparently, there are quite a few.

Crazy Michigan Laws

Luke Galganski runs the_michigander account on TikTok and talks about anything and everything having to do with the Great Lakes State. He talks about anything and everything, from Vernos to our predilection for adding an "s" onto the end of Meijer.

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In the video I watched, Luke talked about "10 Crazy Michigan Laws". And to be honest, when I heard some of them I thought he was making them up. Truly... I mean, give it a listen for yourself...

Did you learn something new?

When you think about how old Michigan is (186 years to be exact), it's a bit easier to understand why some of these laws are on the books. For instance; in Wayland, Michigan, it costs 3 cents per day to keep your cow on Main Street. That's an older law to be sure. And while it's probably not enforced in any way, it's still on the books in Michigan.

Weird Michigan Laws Still on the Books

Intrigued by the_michigander's info on these crazy Michigan laws, I went in search of some more. I wanted to see just how deep the weird law rabbit hole goes, and here's what I found. Here are six more weird laws on the books in Michigan.

6 Weird Laws Still on the Books in Michigan

Even though a lot of these laws are very old and not really enforced, they still exist. Check out some of the weirdest laws still on the books in Michigan.

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