On the corner of Gratiot and East Grand Boulevard sits a deserted Methodist church, originally known as the Aaron C. Fisher Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church.

The cornerstone was laid in June 1908 and the first service was held in the basement in September 1909.

The church held 750 parishioners and even had its own gymnasium. Around 1920, the name was changed to the East Grand Boulevard Methodist Church. In 1985, the church disbanded and was taken over by the Second Unity Full Gospel Baptist Church. They dispersed in 2000 and the church has been empty ever since.

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The church had a very dark moment during the first week of July 1947.

The church janitor, 64-year-old Sherman Price, decided not just to end the life of his wife Rose, but himself as well. He took a razor and slashed Rose's throat and then tried to do himself in. It was on the morning of Saturday, July 5 when Sherman did his deed in their home at 12745 Fournier Street.

While Sherman was doing away with his wife in the dining room and attempting to kill himself, Rose's brother, 71-year-old Martin, was locked out of the room and was helpless to save his sister. Martin contacted authorities who eventually arrived at the scene. After arriving, police discovered Rose's body on the floor, still in her nightgown. Sherman was found sitting near Rose, still in his pajamas, holding a razor...his attempt to kill himself was unsuccessful.

When questioned why he would do such a heinous thing, Sherman said he believed he loved his wife, but replied, "I thought I had turned my back on the Lord. I decided to kill my wife and go with her." Rose's brother Martin told police that Sherman had become “irritable and nervous” lately because he had to clean up after too many June weddings at the church.

Sherman was found 'not guilty' by reasons of insanity and was sentenced to the Ionia State Hospital for life. The following year he was judged sane and released.

The gallery below shows the state of the church in the 2020s as well as the bleak street where Sherman and Rose used to live...

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