Sometimes I think that Michigan, and Detroit in particular, can get a bad rep.

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Too often do I read studies and surveys proclaiming Detroit to be the 'worst city for renters' in America, or 'one of the worst cities to drive in the U.S.'... okay, maybe that last one is right.

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However, there are good things about Detroit too. So when I discovered that there's a piece of Detroit, Michigan history that tops a list that includes the word 'best', I was elated to see it!

Michigan Aquarium Named 'Best' in America

Aquarium Store Depot, as you might have guessed from the name, has an affinity for aquariums. So, it did the fin work (do you see what I did there?) and analyzed reviews for 175 different aquariums in America to find out which is the best of the best.

To determine the ranking, they used Tripadvisor and searched for reviews that contained words like ‘beautiful,’ ‘breathtaking,’ and ‘picturesque’. From there, they were able to calculate a percentage based on total reviews for each aquarium. And at the end of the day, one Michigan aquarium reigned supreme;

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Canva Pro

Belle Isle Aquarium!

Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit, Michigan Named 'Best' in U.S.

When looking at reviews for Belle Isle, they "found it to be America’s most beautiful aquarium, with 30.7% of visitor reviews referencing its beauty. "

Besides beauty, Belle Isle Aquarium is also full of history, as it's America's Oldest Original Aquarium, with its opening day back on August 18th, 1904. And "when the Belle Isle Aquarium opened it was the third-largest Aquarium in the world with salt water being shipped directly in from the ocean."

Belle Isle isn't the only aquarium in America to make the top ten list of best. See how other aquariums stack up, HERE.

Vintage Belle Isle Photos, Early 1900s

Abandoned Detroit Zoo

Remember the Belle Isle Zoo? Sadly the property has been neglected - and all but forgotten - since its closing in 2002.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre

Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo

Gallery Credit: Mojo

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