It is a well known fact that the month of March exponentially increases Tom Izzo's speed, strength and intelligence. In other words: No one can beat Tom Izzo in March.

Here are some other well known Tom Izzo in March facts:

  • Tom Izzo in March is so fast he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.
  • Tom Izzo in March was exposed to COVID-19, COVID-19 had to go into quarantine for a month.
  • Tom Izzo in March didn't get a COVID-19 vaccine, COVID-19 got a Tom Izzo in March vaccine.
  • Tom Izzo in March didn't call a wrong number, you answered the wrong phone.


    • The laws of physics bend the rules for Tom Izzo in March.
    • Whenever Tom Izzo peels onions in March, the onions cry.
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    • Tom Izzo in March can pull a wheelie...on a unicycle.
    • Tom Izzo in March is able to start a fire using an extinguisher.



  • Tom Izzo in March suddenly walked into a chemistry class and tore the periodic table of  elements off the wall, proclaiming the only element he needs is the element of surprise.
  • When Tom Izzo lifts weights in March, the weights get in shape.
  • Tom Izzo in March is the reason Waldo is always hiding.
  • When Thanos snapped his fingers he disappeared. Tom Izzo in March doesn't like snapping.




    • Ghosts tell Tom Izzo in March stories at the campfire.
    • When Tom Izzo goes to a restaurant in March, the staff tips him.
    • Tom Izzo in March has a bear rug in his house. The bear is alive, it's just afraid to move.
    • When Tom Izzo jumps on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, the wine glass falls over.
    • When Tom Izzo crosses the road in March, the cars look both ways.

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