We've written about The Lake Michigan Triangle before. It's a mysterious area right in the heart of the ONLY Great Lake to be wholly inside the United States, and has claimed numerous ships, planes, and even lives.

Well, in recent years, the "triangle" has been relatively quiet, aside from a few UFO sightings in the past couple of decades. But that all changed this past week, as we saw a VERY strange phenomenon from space.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were conducting regular observations of the Great Lakes recently, when something curious popped up on one of their satellite images.

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison noticed on a thermal image of Lake Michigan, a strange "hot spot" appeared in the southern part of the lake, right in the middle of what many consider to be the "Lake Michigan Triangle."

Initially, they believed that the heat could be attributed to solar radiation reflection on the surface of the water, but that wasn't the case for this. No, it turns out NOAA professionals believe it's due to a phenomenon where areas of light winds allowed the water surface to warm more rapidly than the other areas around it.

Which, sounds like a reasonable explanation... if you're trying to cover up some kind of secret surrounding the Lake Michigan Triangle. My bet's still on UFO activity, or a secret underwater civilization.

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