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joro spider
yellow bellied sapsucker
Wild Bird and Nature Videos by McElroy Productions via YouTube

The Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy has solved the mystery once and for all sharing on social media, 

Do you ever wonder who is responsible for the curiously uniform grids of holes drilled into trees out in the woods? The culprit is the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, one of 8 woodpeckers native to Michigan.
The holes are actually a result of the woodpecker doing just that-- trying to suck sap!
Yellow bellied sapsucker
According to the land conservancy each spring these woodpeckers drill narrow "wells" in the inner part of the tree trunk to feed on the sap as it moves up the branches. Adds the Grand Traverse group,
The phloem wells require perpetual drilling so the sap will continue to flow until the tree goes dormant in late fall...Many other creatures rely on their "sapwells", for food including our beloved Hummingbirds.
So, as previously mentioned this is a good thing! I just turned 35 this year so naturally I'm in my "birdwatching era." Make sure you keep your eyes to the skies this spring!

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