If you're anything like me, Grand Theft Auto has created this idea that a police chase is a thrilling event. However, having 5 stars in real life and being chased by police is far different than in a video game. Two Michigan men are learning this after they led police across two states before finally managing to pin the car, and it was all caught on tape.


Police car
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U-Haul-ing It Across Two States

The entire saga of Cory Mercier and Trenton Johnson, 21-year-old roommates and best friends from Romulus, Michigan, spanned across Arkansas and Oklahoma before they were finally stopped by police. However, they were not stopped until after the partners in crime stole a U-Haul, had a high-speed chase of 120mph, hit another car, and caused the police chief's car to barrel roll multiple times.



The chase started in Oklahoma and ended in Springdale, Arkansas, over 60 miles away. Once the chase ended, police found guns and Molotov cocktails inside the vehicle, with Detective Keith Lindley of the Tontitown Police Department stating:


"Initial conversations with them was that they were headed back to the Michigan area and for whatever purpose, that they were going to use those firearms or a Molotov cocktail. I cannot think of a legitimate reason..."


The two have been on the run from a previous police chase back on January 23rd. They have been charged with a slew of charges including aggravated assault, fleeing, criminal conspiracy, and possession of destructive devices. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured during the chase.


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