We all have dreams and fantasies about stumbling upon treasures: gold, money, valuable knick-knacks and antiques, jewelry, collectables that are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to collectors, etc.

And then there are the ones who just happen to stumble upon a whole area of old collectors' automobiles. Some of us may call it a junkyard.

That's what happened when an old 1930s junkyard was found in the forest in Northern Michigan. Many old vehicles sit back shrouded by trees, bushes, brush, and weeds: cars from the 1920s up to the 1960s.

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There's a Model T truck, coupes, a Model A sedan, 1930s-1940s Ford truck, an old school bus, a 1920s Oldsmobile pickup truck, 50s Cadillac hearse, Plymouth Valiant, old station wagon, and many others. The coolest ones are obviously the ones from the 1920s and 1930s.....rusted out, torn apart, trees growing out of 'em...but cool nevertheless.

The junkyard is owned by an old hermit who collected all these incredible old rusted out vehicles. He wasn't too keen on letting these guys in to take some shots, but he consented. Looking around this old junkyard, it looks like many of the vehicles have had parts taken off for either collectors, trespassers, or car enthusiasts. It would be very cool if there was someone, some way to restore many of these old classics. The old 20s and 30s vehicles are just begging to be brought back!

Have a look below and some really cool – but unusable - vintage vehicles.....

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