Just how big is Lansing's Smallest Park?
Just a little under two thousand square feet.

It's Turner Park – sometimes referred to as 'Turner Mini Park' – sitting on the northeast corner of  César E. Chávez Avenue and Turner Street in Old Town.

Although the park was updated and refreshed in 2021, it opened for the very first time in the 1970s. For those of you old enough to remember the TV comedian and actor Danny Thomas, he was there for the opening day celebration. Danny reportedly spoke a few words, and – according to Bob Busby – stated as he motioned toward Turner Street, “This will be a great neighborhood some day — when they tear down all these old buildings!” Of course, he may have said these words in a jesting manner. (Mr. Thomas had a few TV sitcoms in the 50s and 60s, most notably “Make Room For Daddy” from 1953-1964).

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When the park opened in the 70s, it was part of a North Lansing renovation that was desperately needed. As the North Lansing restoration continued thru the years, the area was re-named “Old Town.”

Fast-forward to 2021, when another renovation was underway. This time, the tiny park was made more accessible to visitors and pedestrians. The sidewalks were improved and made basically trip-free, new picnic tables, artwork, easy access for the disabled, and a place for local musicians to come perform.

In September 2021 the newly-refurbished Turner Mini Park was re-opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.....approximately $100,000 or more ended up being put into the park's fresh face.

According to Lansing mayor Andy Schor, “This really is an opportunity for people. If you’re having a bite or if you’re shopping.....no matter what you’re doing, you can come and sit and relax.”

…..and people-watch, as you enjoy your lunch in Lansing's Smallest Park.

Lansing's Smallest Park


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