A woman tried to charge her 17-year-old niece $22 because she ate two slices of a two-week-old cake while babysitting her cousins.

The teen's mom explained the audacious situation on Reddit.

She explained that her daughter, Carly, frequently babysits her sister's two kids and is paid for her time by her sister.

"She likes having the extra money to fund her Starbucks addiction without a part-time job in fast food or retail, plus the kids love getting to see her. I'm glad that she's getting to learn responsibility. I think it's a win all around," she explained.

Until now.

"Last weekend there was a problem. A couple hours after Carly came home from babysitting, my sister calls me. It was my niece's birthday two-ish weeks ago, and there was some leftover birthday cake in their kitchen. It was a custom-made fancy lemon curd cake and I remember at the party a lot of the kids didn't want to eat it so a lot was leftover. Whilst she was babysitting, Carly had eaten two slices," she revealed.

Her sister complained that Carly should have asked for permission to eat the cake because it was "custom-made and expensive." She also asked for compensation.

"At first I honestly thought she couldn't be serious, but she did want me to give her money because of the cake," the woman wrote.

"I mentioned that surely the cake is going bad soon if it isn't already stale (I said this light-heartedly trying to lighten the mood) but made it clear I'M NOT GIVING HER MONEY," the mom continued.

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Not only was the cake two weeks old, but in an added comment, the woman noted that it wasn't even frozen — it was being kept at room temperature in a bread box.

Her sister told her that she paid around $76 for the cake and expected $22 in return for the two slices, and the woman refused.

"My sister says I'm being inconsiderate, and that my daughter ate the slices without permission. I feel like she is being petty, and what difference would it have made if all of it got eaten last weekend or at the birthday party?" she questioned.

Many commenters agreed with the mother of the teen babysitter.

"Pay sis for the two slices of her fancy ass cake, and tell your daughter she will not be babysitting her siblings without full and comparable to other sitters compensation ever again. And tell her why. Your sis had the golden goose of babysitters, and she obviously had no idea how good she had it," one person wrote in the comments.

"Your sister is being extremely petty. She's upset because her niece, not a random person, ate two-week-old cake. Two-week-old cake is garbage. Your daughter is family. Your sister should be happy that the cake didn't end up in the bin," another person agreed.

"I'm surprised this thread isn't about the hospital bill for the food poisoning Carly incurred," someone else pointed out.

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