What's the Moose Capital of Michigan?
I would have guessed Isle Royale, but no.....
It's Newberry, in Luce County, Upper Peninsula.

According to travelthemitten.com, surprisingly – to me, anyway – there are approximately only 700 moose that live north of the Mackinac Bridge. Okay, but what about west of the bridge? I find it hard to believe there are only 700 in the whole Upper Peninsula. Plenty of moose reside in the counties of Baraga and Marquette, and definitely a huge population of 'em on Isle Royale, but thanks to frequent sightings, Luce County has been pinpointed as having the most moose. Specifically, the town of Newberry.

Newberry has been christened “Moose Capital of Michigan” since 2002 and if you visit, you can even stay at the Pleasant Moose Lodge on M-123. Now, if you go there actually looking for moose, they say the best place to see one is north of town off M-123 or, you can travel another 27 miles northeast to Tahquamenon Falls to see even more...(but that isn't even in Newberry, right?).

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Hang out anywhere there's water: creeks, lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps.....and there's an even better chance of spotting a moose...or two. Then there's the Swamp Lakes Moose Refuge off CR-500, and CR-462 about four miles north of Newberry past Oswald’s Bear Ranch.

So if you're plannin' on goin' moosin' this year, take a trip to Newberry, the “Moose Capital of Michigan”.....and good luck! Now take a look at the gallery below at some vintage photos of Newberry, from 1900-1960s!

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