In August of 2023, there was an announcement made that the Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL) was going to be created. The PWHL was slated to start at the beginning of 2024, and it has created some noise in the first part of the new year. The PWHL currently has 6 teams, and I would guess that the current success and support would encourage expansion in the near future. The league may be thinking the same thing as they are already venturing into new territory.

The PWHL currently has 6 teams, just like the NHL started with, that are going to be considered the original 6 in the PWHL. They were smart in placing these teams in areas of the North America Continent that are guaranteed to support as the 6 teams they have right now are in Boston, Minnesota, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, and Toronto. They have been playing those home cities, but it looks as if the league wants to have a few neutral site games to gauge fan interest in other markets. Luckily for us, Detroit is one of the chosen markets to visit.

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Michigan is a state that has a lot of love for the sport of hockey for many different reasons. Firstly, the Detroit Red Wings are one of the Original 6 NHL teams and they have had some of the most historic runs in history. Alongside them, Michigan, Michigan State, and Western Michigan have been known for their hockey teams and the talent they send to the next level. Lastly, Michigan is one of the top states for high school hockey for both boys and girls, so the foundation is set.

I went to Adrian College where there are 7 hockey teams on practice and 3 of them were women's teams, so I know how serious women's hockey and their fans are. Which is why I'm not surprised that this league was founded and is looking to spread the game across the country. I was a little surprised Michigan wasn't one of the first states chosen but it doesn't surprise me that they would hold a game here.

Just days ago, on social media, the PWHL announced that they would be holding one of their games in Detroit. Hockey fans in Michigan will get a chance to experience history as they'll see a game during the inaugural PWHL season as the Boston will battle Ottawa as they take over the Motor City. Little Caesars Arena shared the post and shared how excited they were for the game, but it didn't stop there as fans had all kinds of things to say about the game.

Some of the best comments from the post are below:

Detroit needs a team! - Mike Mckinstry

I hope they’re gauging interest for a Detroit team #FutureSeasonTicketHolder - Kandus Kay

Really hoping this is a sign of the league expanding to Detroit. It'd be so cool to have a team at LCA. Hoping the turnout is huge!! - Brittany Newman

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