August kicks off the race toward the end of summer where the baton gets passed to fall, but when do you put up the decor?

It's always a common argument, decorating for the next season or the next holiday.

Anyone else confused when Christmas decorations are for sale in stores before Halloween even comes and those decorations go on clearance?

It could just be the boredom of staying home a bit more, it could also be the excitement of pushing this year along and just getting it over with already...either way, lots of people are already busting out the faux pumpkins and fake leaf garland and decorating for fall.

Ask me, I would say it's a bit too early for Halloween decor but I'm on the fence about fall decor.

When I was unpacking and organizing my things during my recent move into my new home, I found my box of fall and Halloween decorations and my soul fluttered, however I am patient enough to wait.

It looks like the weather is asking all the rush-to-fall-ers to pump the breaks a bit too!

According to MLive, the rest of this week into next week is looking like we will be back trending toward the typical summer temperatures.

They say if you enjoy this "touch of fall" we've had lately Thursday and Friday are your best bet, but this weekend the summer lovers will prevail!

As temperatures drop, though, nobody can blame you for getting excited for the crisp coziness of fall.

Basically, you do you! Decorate for fall in the middle of July if you so choose, it's your house!

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