We can all agree that dining out right now will come with certain risks.  If you want to keep your loved ones and yourself safe while dining out, here are some tips.

At this time almost every U.S.state has entered some phase of reopening.  Many of those states opened dining rooms and even relaxed restrictions in a push for a return to normal. and many say their return to normal was way to fast.

Florida was one of those places and now they are dealing with COVID-19 numbers that are growing and growing fast.

Most restaurants in Michigan are encouraged , or ordered, to reduce capacity and space out tables.  Most of the rules do very from state to state.

An example of what happened in Georgia, who were the first state to reopen  and that included indoor dining .  Well Georgia is now seeing the COVID-19 numbers trending upwards.

So your dining options are cubside pickup, eating indoors with a mask and social distancing in place, or eating outside.  And since the re-openings began in places like Dallas, Atlanta and Austin, as well as other cities in Texas they are now shutting down again due to rising numbers of COVID-19 .

So the question is even if you can go to a restaurant, should you?

Since we have no vaccine, yes, there is a risk.  No one knows how long it going to take for science to find and create a working vaccine. So in the meantime the decision on whether or not to eat out in restaurants that remain open is up to personal choice.

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