Remember when it seemed like the whole world was in a craze over "Angry Birds"? Or "Flappy Bird"? Or even "Candy Crush"?

For some of us, that love for little games never went away.

I got into "Candy Crush" but then fell off the wagon and whenever my little cousins would see me on my phone and ask "you got any games?" I really didn't.

Never was I one to get super ingrained into a game...until "Toon Blast" came along.

It started off just as something I would casually play either to help me fall asleep at night or keep my mind busy. I would just play until I ran out of lives and that was that for a while. Now, I watch that timer tick down until I get them back, I play for hours and hours on end and I'll admit, it's become a problem.

Want to know what level I'm on? Level 3,680...Isn't that ridiculous!?

Then, I sought out games like it or would see advertisements for them and start getting into those.

However, I have started playing more "brainy" games, ones that require you look for clues and solve little mini games within the game. Then, ads for other games within that game have led me to my latest obsession: "Project Makeover."

It sounds so silly but you create an avatar and play a "Candy Crush" style game to earn coins and give people makeovers and re-decorate their homes, restaurants, etc...It's all the things I look for in a game. Mindless matching, storylines, customization and decorating!

Sure, is it a bit ridiculous to be so invested in games on my phone? Absolutely. However, is anything small and harmless like that really that bad of a thing to do considering what is going on in the world around us? I don't think so!

While I am focusing my energy on my little games, I'm not spouting off and fighting with people on social media, I'm not "doomscrolling" and feeding my anxiety with more bad news, I am simply just getting virtual coins and am relaxing in my own little zone!

I don't think it has gotten as far as a full-blown addiction...but if it does, what are some things you do to help?

What are some of your favorite phone games?

If sitting around playing games on your phone all day isn't your thing as the weather makes it hard to get and enjoy the outdoors, here are some more ideas:

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