Ever see an upside-down forest? Well, you can now, if you include this as a part of a Michigan roadtrip. They call this "The Inverted Forest", located on/in Lake Charlevoix.

It's exactly what it says it is: upside-down trees sticking out of ankle-high water along the beach, off the forest's edge (SEE PHOTOS ABOVE).

You cannot see this from the road...you have to get out and walk to see it...unless you go by boat. I hope the photo gallery above will help you find it.

Now, Lake Charlevoix is one-mother-of-a-huge lake; and to say this inverted forest is there without giving you any kind of directions, would not be cool. This place is one hard S.O.B. to find, but it ain't impossible. So I'll help ya out.

First of all, it's located west of Boyne City in Young State Park. Once in Boyne City, take N. Lake St. to W. Michigan Avenue. After a few blocks, W. Mich. will veer off to the left. Stay on it until it turns into Woodland Drive and then Glenwood Beach Rd. Take Glenwood all the way to the end, park your car, get out and start walking down the beach toward the west. It's not far down the beach and you'll probably see it from a distance while you approach. THIS IS THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET THERE.

Many people equate upside-down trees with a sasquatch, as a bigfoot is supposed to make his shelters with trees: upside-down, sideways, etc. But in this case, NO. This isn't even a natural phenomenon, but a man-made forest built from dead trees that have fallen along the coastline...but it's still cool to see and fun to pose with.

And the sunset there is awesome.

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