Let's say you purchased a lottery ticket and then found out that you were the winner of $500,000 dollars, what would be the first, second, and even third thing you would do with half a million dollars?

The winner hails from Ingham County and I can just imagine how great this must feel to win $500,000!

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According to mlive.com:

The 76-year-old man, who chose to remain anonymous, hit on a Mega Black scratch-off ticket he bought at a Sunoco gas station, 109 E. State Road in Dewitt Township, officials said in a news release.

What would you do with half a million dollars? Here's my list:

1. Car

2. Boat

3. Vacation

4. Pay bills

5. Give some to charity

That's the fun part of winning this big sum of money, trying to come up with ways to spend it and ways to invest it. Spending it sounds like a lot more fun.

I like what this man plans on doing with his winnings. He plans on buying a new home, a new car, and then he would like to give some of the money to his church.

He's a good man by not keeping all of his winnings, although that would simply be fine. But just the fact that he wants to forward some money directly to his church shows that he's not a greedy person.

Mlive.com adds:

"Winning feels great, but the thing I am most excited about is to be able to give back to my church and other organizations," the man said.

We're all happy for Mr. anonymous, but what do we have to do to be this lucky in life? How do we win $100,000, $200,000, or even $500,000 dollars? What's the catch or is it just pure luck? Let's go with pure luck!

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