What is the strangest thing you have ever found in the water while fishing, swimming, boating or kayaking?

It is not uncommon to discover odd things in the water when you are fishing, and usually it happens during the spring, summer or fall fishing seasons. Sadly, it is often some type of garbage or other items people chose to leave behind or not properly dispose of.

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According to WOOD-TV, a man who was ice fishing in Michigan earlier this week made a very odd find while using a camera that shows what is beneath the surface of the water. It is designed to help find fish, but it ended up finding something else. On Monday, the man discovered what eventually turned out to be a stolen vehicle. The angler was in an area of Heritage Landing in Muskegon at the time of the discovery.

After spotting the car, he contacted authorities. Police and firefighters responded and learned that the vehicle was submerged in about 13 feet of water. They are going to try to pull it out of the water during the spring, after the ice thaws out.

But before they left, they were able to confirm that the vehicle had been stolen sometime in 2020. And thankfully, the car was empty and it doesn't appear that there was any foul play involved in it ending up underwater, other than the fact that it was stolen.

How and why it ended up at the bottom of a lake is still a mystery. They also do not currently have any information about a suspect and few other details have been released.

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