Ice cream is the most delicious treat to eat anytime and anywhere.  Do I personally eat too much ice cream in any given week?  Absolutely!

If I could eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that would make me so happy.  At times, it feels like I eat 50 pounds of ice cream every single week in summer and that's still not enough.

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My wife and I were in Ludington last week on vacation and we went to the very well known "House of Flavors" restaurant for some delicious ice cream.

We went just about every day to get ice cream.  My wife loves peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip and butter pecan in a waffle cone, together.  The bigger the scoops, the happier I am.

Here's a well known fact about House of Flavors in Ludington:

House of Flavors Ludington won the Guinness World Record for Longest Ice Cream Dessert at 2,970 feet and 8.95 inches; that's a lot of dairy!  (

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Monica Harris loves plain old vanilla ice cream and her husband David Andrews enjoys moose tracks ice cream.  I'm not sure who loves ice cream more, David or me!

I don't necessarily choose all the different varieties of ice cream, I generally stay with my two favorite choices of ice cream on any given day.

In the Okemos area, my wife and I go to Baskin Robbins on Grand River.  We go every day after dinner to get an ice cream treat.  Lately I've been ordering two big scoops of chocolate chip ice cream in a big cup, covered with hot fudge.  DELICIOUS!

There's another ice cream place we like to go to at the corner of Marsh and Lake Lansing roads.  It used to be called Cone Zone, I think it's called Cheezy D's now.  Anyway, they serve up delicious soft serve ice cream and it's so good.  My wife and I order a chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cone covered with crushed nuts.

On weekends, I put together my own Danny specialty.  Four scoops of vanilla ice cream in a bowl covered with Hershey's chocolate syrup and then I cover it with tiny chocolate chips.  It's fantastic!

I think by now you have a general idea about how much ice cream I eat every week.  Could it all add up to about 50 pounds of ice cream?  Who's keeping track?  Let's all scream for ice cream and enjoy this great summer treat.

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