Anytime I hear about the possibility of Michigan roads being repaved, fixed, or whatever, it excites me beyond belief.

There are countless Michigan roads that need serious work to make travel time much easier on our vehicle's suspension.

Are you familiar with the freeway between Lansing Road and the Grand River? It is nothing but a broken up stretch of road that needs a major over haul..

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

The Michigan Department of Transportation said work will begin in mid-April on an $82-million project to rebuild the crumbling, heavily stretch of freeway between Lansing Road and the Grand River.

So here's the deal, both sides of I-496 will be closed this summer for a major rebuilding project. Most likely this will happen sometime in June. Of course there will be detours to follow as road crews work on a 2 mile stretch of road this summer.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is trying to stick to her slogan "Fix the Damn Roads." It's certainly nice to see things moving in a positive direction.

Michigan roads are a hit or miss when you're traveling a lot. Sometimes you'll hit good patches of road and other times you need to where a mouth guard to keep your teeth from rattling together.

The Lansing State Journal also adds:

The project also includes new entrance and exit ramps and preventative maintenance to 17 bridges, including the Clare Street, Hungerford Street, Capitol Avenue and Grand Avenue bridges this year, MDOT said.

Along with so many other drivers, we're looking forward to more improved Michigan roads in 2022-2023. Fixing our Michigan roads has been long over due and we appreciate the hard work.

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