Are you one of those people that will try anything once?  As far as food goes I mean. There are not too many foods I don't like.  I will eat everything from liver and onions, raw oysters to escargot, to any wild game animal.

I have even tried rattlesnake and liked beer bacon growing up. Enjoyed venison as well the first time I had it, very lean and tasty.

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Have you ever tried Bear meat? Well, it has been on dinner tables in North America for many centuries according to


Ask a handful of hunters about eating bear meat and you will likely get a number of wildly different responses, anything from “it’s inedible” and “it isn’t safe to eat,” to “it’s the best meat out there.” As a chef and hunter Connor Gabbott loves eating bear meat.


So where do you go in the Lansing area not to eat bear, but to enjoy a bear-themed restaurant?  There is such a place called the Bear Soup Deli in Davison, Michigan according to  Terry Kerouac and his wife, Karen opened the restaurant at, 211 N. Main St. in Davison, about 10 years ago.

Look What's On The Menu?

A few friends told me about the place and I am anxious to try it. The menu has sandwiches, soups, and salads. Plus there is no fried food on the menu.

It’s a very small place,” Kerouac said of the business, which can accommodate 25 diners. “Everything is fresh, chopped to order. All of the sandwiches are made to order. We slice all the meats and cheeses. Every morning when we come in, everything is sliced and cut fresh

Sounds great,  on the menu is a sandwich called the “Hibernator.” with capicola, ham, turkey, salami, provolone cheese, tomato, banana peppers, and spicy mayonnaise all within 2 two of ciabatta bread.

Awesome Sandwiches To Try

Something else to try is the “Cajun Red Bear.” with Cajun turkey, pastrami, ham, muenster cheese, tomato, banana peppers, spicy mayonnaise, and then its panini pressed on ciabatta bread.

Just another great restaurant for us to support in Mid-Michigan. Enjoy.

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