Where can you see a tree that looks like it sprouted bowling balls? You can find it in the Upper Peninsula town of Hulbert in Hulbert Township, Chippewa County.

Before we get to the tree, here's some background on Hulbert.

The town was founded as a lumber town by Francis Hulbert in 1872 while trying to find a good place to cut timber. Even so, it was the Dewitt family who became the first to settle in the new  community.

Hulbert received its post office in 1892 and a few years later – in 1896 – Francis Hulbert passed away before he could properly organize the village. His son Richard took over, and was instrumental in getting the town on track.

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Business wasn't going very well and in 1908 the post office shut down. For a number of years afterward, Hulbert was headed for 'ghost town' status. But then, in 1919, a wooden ware factory popped up and saved Hulbert from oblivion. A new post office began operating under the name “Tahquamenon” but changed to “Hulbert” in 1920.

The town was also a station on the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad.

As the 1900s continued, the top tourist spots in Hulbert were the Fox Inn, Tahquamenon Hotel, and The Antlers restaurant. Today, Hulbert remains a decent place to spend some time while roadtripping through Michigan. Take a look at the photo gallery below for some vintage photos of Hulbert.

Okay, so what about this “Bowling Ball Tree”?

The Bowling Ball Tree is just south of town...and you can see some photos of it by clicking HERE.

Add Hulbert to your roadtrip itinerary this year...take a look at some photos below!


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