The birthplace of Hudsonville Ice Cream sits in Ottawa County just about halfway between Holland and Grand Rapids.

Hudsonville, nicknamed "Michigan's Salad Bowl", began in 1868 when a post office was established as 'South Georgetown'. In 1872, the town was re-named 'Hudsonville' after postmaster and one of the first settlers, Homer E. Hudson. The new town was located near a swamp, which seemed set to doom Hudsonville from growing – but it didn't. When the Chicago & West Michigan Railroad came through, it brought more people looking to settle, and Hudsonville soon grew and prospered.

And then came huge success.

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Now, on to the creamery. Who in Michigan has not had the pleasure of tasting Hudsonville ice cream? Back in 1895, the creamery was created and built on Hudsonville's Chicago Drive. After success with milk and cheese, ice cream was given a try...but it took 31 years for 'em to get around to it. In 1926 they began their ice cream production. By 1940 they had up to six flavors:  butter pecan, chocolate, orange pineapple, strawberry, tutti frutti, and vanilla.

Wanting a change, the operation was moved to a creamery in Burnips in 1948. There, they churned out more new delicious ice cream flavors. In 2004, they were in a brand new, specially built plant in Holland where they remain.

The gallery below includes the old Hudsonville creamery, the Burnips creamery, and old photos of Hudsonville from the early 1900s!

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