The coronavirus has shaken our world like nothing else in our memory.  But beyond the terrible toll of deaths and our new economic problems, now the virus is likely to leave another lasting mark.

It looks like the virus going around is helping to make us all fatter.

One nutritionist says the best course of action while you are staying safe at home is to eat less. With more than a quarter of humanity shut up or under lockdown, and with so many fearing they could be next to get the virus, many are turning to comfort eating.

The experts say we have to reduce our portions and get up and move as much as possible.

Food can be comfort and it's easy to overeat when feeling stressed or isolated while you are stuck at home. It makes matters worse if you love to cook, but you can swap out items with fresh and healthy options.

Bottom line: portion control, make healthy choices and get your booty off the couch.

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