30 Provinces Launch The First Level Response To Major Public Health Emergencies In China
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This new virus, that appears to have started in China, is making headlines as it spreads and more people are falling ill or even dying.  As of this morning confirmed Coronavirus cases in China jumped almost 65% in a day.

The Centers for Disease Control is warning against all nonessential travel to China.  So far 106 people have died and more than 4,515 cases have been confirmed on the mainland, and China has gone on lockdown.

The global spread of the Coronavirus has more than 60 cases confirmed in 17 places outside of China and that includes the United States.

Watching for symptoms of the virus, include a check for respiratory symptoms like a cough or runny nose.   Since the virus is a respiratory infection the cough and runny nose are the most common symptoms.  Management and treatment of Coronavirus is only supportive care since it is a viral infection that doesn't respond to antibiotics.

Other signs to look for include a sore throat along with your cough.  Headache, body aches or general fatigue.  Your Doctor will have to determine which virus could by causing symptoms.  While it could be Coronavirus, you may also have a different type of infection, such as the common cold or flu.  The CDC also says to watch to see if you have a fever or develop breathing problems or shortness of breath.

The Coronavirus takes about 5 days to incubate, you likely won't notice symptoms right after you are infected.  Airports around the world have begun screening travelers who are coming in from China for symptoms of the disease, since the first case arrived in the United States in early January of this year.

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