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It's a case of mistaken identity at the worst possible time.

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While it seems like it makes sense and officers were just doing their job, it's now headed to court as a lawsuit has been filed.

How we go from house hunting to handcuffs.

Could you imagine yourself in this scenario?

You and your kid with your realtor checking out your potential new house.

Next thing you know, there are cops telling you to come outside with your hands up.

You've got guns pointed at you and then you're in handcuffs.


Peep the story below and see if you would be understanding or demand some legal satisfaction.

See what had happened was...

A realtor was showing his client (and his son) a house for sale in Wyoming, Michigan back in August.

Someone saw them enter the property and called the cops.

The cops show up, ask them to come out of the house one by one, with arms raised and then they are handcuffed.

Conversations are had, identities are verified, misunderstandings are explained and it appears things are all good.

Not so fast.

Lawyers representing a local realtor, home buyer and the home buyer’s son who were put in handcuffs while showing a home in Wyoming have filed a lawsuit alleging the incident was racially motivated. (WLNS)

The police say it was all standard procedure.

Who called the cops and why?

The neighbors did it. Because they swear they had seen this movie play out before. As a matter of fact, just two weeks before.

Almost two weeks before the incident on July 24, a man was arrested for breaking into the home on Sharon Avenue SW, WDPS said in a statement. His car, a black Mercedes, had been parked in front of the empty home several times. (WOOD-TV)

Here's the actual audio of the neighbors calling the cops to report what they saw while the realtor was showing the house and what they thought was going on.

Bad break for the realtor. He also had a black Mercedes. And in the video above, he seems to understand the mixup.

"See, you matched the description of someone who..."

That was then.

This is now.

We'll see you in court.

Lawyers and lawsuits have entered the chat.

It alleges that law enforcement officers are guilty of excessive force, assault and battery, and racial profiling during the Aug. 1 incident. Five counts in the lawsuit include unlawful detainment and excessive force, equal protection, assault and battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It also demands a trail by jury. (WLNS)

The cops say they were doing standard procedures, race played no role in their handling of the situation, and they even released THE ENTIRE 47-minute long video of in-car and bodycam footage.

Take a look, decide, and ask yourself how would you feel in this situation?

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