This kind-hearted woman and her mother in Holt are collecting plastic grocery bags to make sleeping mats for the area's homeless community.

WLNS reported and is featuring the mother-daughter duo tonight (Thursday, Jan. 16) on their efforts including how they got people to donate bags to help.

By weaving the bags together, Tiffany Hanchett and her mother make the mats; however, it takes about 700 bags to make just one mat.

Hanchett took to Facebook to ask friends, family and her community for help in collecting more bags as their goal is to make 50 mats, which would take about 35,000 bags!

Their first bag donation drop-off happened earlier this week at Target on Edgewood Blvd. in Lansing but they are still in need of more for this creative, compassionate project.

So, you know all those unused bags you probably have piling up as you promise yourself you will find a use for someday? Here's their chance to shine for a good cause!

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