Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a dream destination for those who love waterfalls. One such cascade bears a simple roadside sign that hides the designation given to it by locals, Hobo Falls.

The given name for this waterfall is Scott Falls and it's found along M-28 near Munising. A discussion of the Hobo Falls name came up recently on the PureUP Facebook group.

The name, the story goes, traces back to the fact there's a small cave behind the waterfall. That cave was either shelter for a traveling vagabond or, as the waterfall is relatively calm in the summer months, also could serve as a pool for bathing.

From the Facebook discussion about the Hobo Falls name:

I guess that makes some sense as you can walk behind Scott Falls and there is a sort of cave behind the falls

When I was there many many moons ago the cavern wasn't as deep as it is now. I heard that it was dug out to make it more picturesque. I have been back many times and love it as much as the first time.

I heard the reason they called it that was cuz they (people that lived in the area) used to bath in it. Poor mans bath.

Whether you consider it Scott Falls, as the roadside sign indicates or you call it Hobo Falls, it's a must-stop as you travel M-28 across the central Upper Peninsula.

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Scott Falls Videos

Take a look at a few views of Scott Falls.

From the city's tourism bureau:

From a warm summer's day:

And the falls in winter with a more lively runoff:

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