Animal shelters and rescue facilities must be on to something because their adoption rates are up, some say it all comes down to a name.

These organizations that help homeless pets find their 'forever homes' have obviously burned through a baby name book or two, and now they are getting very creative when it comes to giving pets their names.  One Northern Michigan rescue group says that the unusual names get attention and adopters tend to remember those crazy names which lead to more adoptions.

 The Capital Area Humane Society has many pets looking for a home.

I am always checking out the websites for Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter and the Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) to see what animals are up for adoption, and the sillier the name the harder it is to forget.  CAHS currently has some unusually named pets up for adoption on its website.   There is Luna Lunchbox, she is a lovely black and brown dog, who is one year old.  Baby Biscuit, a darling gray kitty, the 2-year-old cat named Droolius Caesar, Elvis, and Monkey Bread, both cats in need of a home. How about the orange and white cat called Spaghetti, or the gray kitty called Smokey Mountain, this beautiful lady is 10.  The adorable puppy named Gayle, who will steal your heart, and my absolute favorite name EVER for a shelter pet: the black and white tuxedo cat named Gregg From Accounting  Proof that the silly names get more attention, I must have sent out 20 screenshots of Greg from Accounting. to my friends and family.

Other pet rescue sites have animals with names like Chicken Noodle, Bob Ross, Atomic Toaster, the cat named Dog, and the dog named Kitty Cat.  Also up for adoption is Danger Dave, Mr. Sassy Pants, Bacon, seriously who doesn't like bacon, and the pup called Bark Twain.

Funny names aside, these are all shelter pets who are looking for a loving forever home., So please if you are looking to add to your family check the shelters and rescue sites,  Adopt Don't Shop.

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