If you love to ski in Northern Michigan, then you're going to love what's coming next year at the Highlands of Harbor Springs.

How about a chairlift that actually warms you up on your way back to the top of your favorite ski hill. It's something we can all look forward too, especially if you enjoy outdoor winter activities.

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According  to mlive.com:

The Camelot 6 will be the first six-person Bubble Chairlift in the Midwest - offering riders a 3-minute zippy trip up the slopes enclosed in a heated, weatherproof bubble that has extra-wide seats and individual footrests.

What a great idea. This will give people the chance to warm up a bit as they head back up to the top of the big ski hill.

Most skiers will go to the warm house and drink hot chocolate to warm up before they go back outside for more winter fun.

Mlive.com also adds:

“We’re coming full circle in lift innovation from the world’s first bubble chairlift in 1963, to the Midwest’s first modern bubble lift with unrivaled guest comfort, speed, energy efficiency, and safety in 2023,” said Mike Chumbler, president and general manager of The Highlands. “This will be the most kid-friendly and safest lift ever built.

I guess we'll have to wait until 2023/24 to take a ride in this warm and cozy 6 person Bubble Chairlift. This is a great way to enjoy uphill rides with family and friends.

Some of the other features include individual footrests. protection from the snow and wind, and the first fully automatic safety bar system in the United States.

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