It's that time of year for 2022 senior proms throughout all of mid-Michigan. It is me or does it seem like more and more senior proms are becoming more creative than ever before?

Have you ever heard of a high school senior class prom taking place on board a Princess Riverboat?

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That's exactly what took place for students from Fenton High School's class of 2022. Talk about a prom night to remember!

According to

Once students crossed the red carpet, they then loaded on to charter buses to be taken to their unique prom location on the Detroit Princess Riverboat. Student were served dinner on the cruise. After dinner, students danced the night away and were brought back to the school by 11:30 p.m.

How cool is that? Dinner and a cruise on Detroit's Princess Riverboat. Now that's the way to celebrate your high school prom.

I think it's so cool how everybody gets so dressed up to celebrate the school year with all of their friends.

That's the reason I'm so glad I went to my prom at Everett High School. Those are days that I will never forget. You only live once, so you might as well live it up and some fun.

All the students from Fenton High School said they had such a great time at their prom this year.

In fact one parent said, courtesy of

“Today was so refreshing,” said Burnau. “To be able to see my daughter and her friends get ready and experience this after we’ve been in this pandemic for the last two years. It was just really nice to be able to see them enjoy something that was normal.”

All the students from Fenton High School who went to prom will have great memories to share years from now, not only with their friends, but their immediate families as well. Good times!

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