There are a lot of notable Spartans making big moves in the county.

The more you dig, the more cool things you find that link back to Michigan. Last week, I showcased 20 notable alumni from the University of Michigan. This week, we are showcasing notable Spartan alumni.

Michigan State University has also had its fair share of talent see the inside of the classrooms on campus. Before you yell at me, yes, I know that not all of these public figures and celebrities ended up graduating, but who cares. At one point that attended MSU.

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Some big names have traveled through Michigan State University. From former students that started huge companies and networks to actors, actresses, athletes, and more. Michigan State University alumni can be seen in many big areas of the country.

These 21 alumni are just the ones that stuck out to me as I was searching around. Michigan State University boasts over 634,000 alumni worldwide, so don't get huffy if I missed your favorite.

My highlights from this list of 21 include George "The Animal" Steele and Kirk Gibson as I remember watching them when I was a kid. When you are a young kid watching wrestling and you see a hairy dude chewing on the turnbuckle, you don't easily forget that. However, I had no idea that he had a bachelor's degree from MSU and a master's degree from CMU. I didn't expect that at all.

Check out the list below for just a small bit of talent to have attended Michigan State University.

Source: Wikipedia

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