Sometimes you feel like a nut, and in this case - you may be lucky enough to drive one. My friend, you could not only be driving the Planter' NUTmobile, but you will also be chauffering a first-class nut, Mr. Peanut himself.

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This is indeed an actual job, and trust me - not just any old nut is going to land it. Planters Peanuts is looking to hire three people to drive the Nutmobile around the country. If hired, you will have additional responsibilities included but not limited to the following,

  • Plan meaningful events and/or contact existing gatherings for the NUTmobile™ vehicle and Mr. Peanut™ (Peanutter’s independently plan events and route around the events on a larger scale.)  Interacting with visitors while in costume. Performing in character roles, speaking to large groups of people.
  • Pitch local media, including TV, radio, and digital publications, to inform communities of the NUTmobile™ vehicle’s arrival. Measure and monitor news coverage driven by the NUTmobile™ vehicle, and ultimately analyze and recommend strategies based on the news coverage.
  • Research media in that market, draft pitch, reach out to media, schedule interviews, partake in interviews, and track any of those media hits. Decide forms of media and provide weekly reports on media hits.

At first glance, I thought, easy gig. Drive a nut around the country, what is so difficult about that? As you can see, this job is more than just driving Mr. Peanut - a lot more.

I should make it clear that all applicants must have a valid driver's license (duh) and a Bachelors's Degree. Yes, you read that right - a Bachelor' Degree. You may not be nuts, but you do need to be one smart cookie to land this gig. For a complete list of requirements, job responsibilities, and to apply click here.

If you meet all of the job criteria, I think you would be absolutely nuts not to apply. If you do apply and do not get the gig, try not to be too salty about it. All applicants must apply by January 24th, 2022.

If you don't believe in dream jobs, check out my article on James Mancour, formerly of Flint. James is now living his best life in Arizona working as a Motorcycle Test Rider.

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