One of the more popular Michigan haunts lies in western Michigan, in Allegan.

The Grill House was originally built in 1836 as The Hubbard House - a stagecoach stop - by Samuel Hubbard. In the 1840's, it became an inn for sawmill workers who needed a place to stay.

Nowadays, it's a popular restaurant not just for the food...but for a poltergeist the owners have named 'Jack' (see the photo gallery below).

In life, Jack was one of the lumberjacks who stayed at the inn...he was also a heavy boozer who enjoyed his whiskey. In 1847, Jack got into a knife fight with a fellow lumberjack, was stabbed and killed. His body was taken to a section of the property and buried in an unknown, unmarked grave.

Makes me wonder...was any family contact made? If so, why wasn't he shipped home to be buried? Is this what makes his spirit so restless? Were the owners attempting to keep it quiet?

To this day, Jack makes his presence known by doing the usual poltergeist shenanigans: opening and closing doors, moving furniture, touching people, clattering dishes & plates, burning candles, screwing around with radio channels, flickering lights and various creaks & noises.....oh, and he still drinks his whiskey.

According to, “On rare occasions a single shot of whiskey, Jack’s drink of choice, will even be found sitting on the Rock Bottom bar, acting as a haunting reminder of our supernatural companion.”

Around every Halloween, local TV stations in the area report on the ghostly happenings at the Grill House. Numerous customers have experienced weird happenings at the Grill House and possibly YOU could too.

The Grill House & the Rock Bottom Bar is located on M-40 (32nd Street) just north of West 110 St. in a visit...and take video while you're there...

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