The Grand Hotel haunted??? What a surprise.

Even though employees of the Grand do not endorse any type of paranormal activity or spooky occurrences, plenty of travelers and patrons have claimed to have witnessed sightings of their own.

The Grand was evidently built over an old cemetery with so many dug up skeletons, the excavators lost count. Legend says that the construction crew basically said, "screw this" and gave up on removing the bodies, instead building the Grand over the whole thing. Thus brings the tales of unsettled spirits that walk the grounds of - and inside - the Grand Hotel.

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The Grand is also said to house an evil, black entity with red, glowing eyes. This mass was experienced by a maintenance man who noticed the shadowy shape hovering over the hotel's theater stage; it rushed toward him, knocking him down. The maintenance man never returned.

Other ghosts that have been spotted are men, women, boys & girls (usually ghostly women) wearing Victorian clothing of the 1800's...not just in the hotel, but in the hotel employee housing as well as in, on, and around the grounds. There have also been reports of a top-hatted male ghost being spotted in the hotel bar.

A couple of the more well-known spirits are the "woman in black" who walks her big white dog up and down the hotel's massive front porch after dark; another is the ghost of Little Rebecca, who passed away on the grounds and haunts the fourth floor, being spotted floating or walking through the halls and disappearing to nowhere. Walk the halls yourself - alone - anywhere between 2am-4am and see if you see Little Rebecca.

Expensive to spend the night? You bet your aspirin it is...but if you wanna ghost-hunt there successfully, you'll have to save up your dough and spend a night there; otherwise, if you're staying in another island hotel (which would probably have ghost stories of it's own), you may want to wander up toward the Grand Hotel grounds during the night and do some spook-sleuthing.

Make sure you observe & respect any "No Trespassing" signs...

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