Yes, you could be making terrible hand hygiene mistakes.  Lucky for you, I can help.

The times we are living in have made us all very aware of how important it is to wash our hands a lot!

Are you cooking more? I sure am. If you are doing the same thing, we are all spending more time in that kitchen cooking our meals instead of dining out, but the quarantine life and making more meals in the kitchen is where we could be making hand hygiene mistakes.

Let's correct those mistakes.

You are not washing your hands enough.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it's important to wash your hands before, during, and after preparing food. Just think of all the things you touch when preparing a meal. It's a lot, unless you're cracking open a can of Beefaroni. With everything you touch, you are spreading around germs.

You are also probably not washing your hands for the right amount of time. The CDC says scrub your hands at least for 20 seconds after you lather them up, even more important if you have been or will be touching food.

The CDC says it is best if you wet your hands first before using soap and giving them a good scrub.

Stay healthy and stay home, and hopefully sooner rather than later we can banish covid-19 and end this pandemic.

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