In a year full of the things we thought would never happen, finally a rare occurrence actually is bringing us something beautiful!

While we all already know Halloween will be pretty darn different this year, it will just be an extra special memory that we will all look back on and say "remember that one Halloween when..."

Now, we can add the fact that there was an actual full moon this Halloween like what we see in all the fun decorations and depictions of the holiday!

It is called a "Blue Moon" because it is the second full moon in a month and while Farmer's Almanac says it's an occurence that happens about every two-and-a-half to three years, a full moon on Halloween only happens about every 19.

As if a full moon on Halloween that only happens almost every 20 years, isn't already special enough, the universe thought we deserved an extra little treat in a year full of trickiness, this full moon will be the first one since World War II that will be visible to the entire world, according to cnet.

Jeffrey Hunt, an educator of astronomy and a former planetarium director, told cnet that, to be exact, "The last Halloween full moon visible around the globe came in 1944" though "There was a Halloween full moon for some locations in 1955, but that didn't include western North America and the western Pacific."

So as we prepare for a socially-distanced Halloween night, maybe add moon-watching to the list of activities! Halloween is on a Saturday this year after all!

Where are the best places to stargaze and catch a full moon here in Lansing?

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