I always look forward to hearing what Governor Gretchen has to say during her State of the State address. There are very important issues to cover here in the state of Michigan.

The Governor touched on three main topics in her address: roads, education, and health care.

Governor Whitmer said that Michigan families pay more than $600 a year in car repairs. That's money that could go into your child care budget, or your retirement fund, or whatever.

In order to fix Michigan roads, she said it's time for Plan B, which she is calling Executive Action.

Governor Whitmer will ask the State Transportation Commission to issue state road bonds, so we can start fixing the roads now.

The Governor also touched on Michigan's economy. She said her administration has created nearly 11,000 new auto jobs, which is 5 times more than the previous year and said that it's the most ever announced in a single year in the history of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation..

The governor transitioned her speech to focus on Michigan's education. For more information please click here on WILX.

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