Good get to drive the super cool Corvette pace car at indycar's Detroit Grand Prix

Bad crash the pace car and hold up the race for almost  an hour.

Yeah, that totally happened.

General Motors Executive Vice President of Global Product Development Mark Reuss wrecked the Corvette pace car he was driving during the parade lap of Sundays Detroit Grand Prix Indycar Race.

Here is what happened, Reuss was coming out of turn 2 when the back end of the 755 hp Corvette ZR1 got lose and he spun out, hitting the nose of the car into the wall.   The value of this Corvette.....$123 thousand dollars and some change.

Reuss and his passenger, Indycar manager Mark Sandy were both uninjured but the accident did delay the race for awhile while they cleaned up the track.

General Motors did issue a statement that they were thankful there were no serious injuries, but I do not know of any medical procedure to treat a severely bruised ego.  That one has gotta smart.

The weather and track conditions are being used to explain the accident.....right.....

Executive or not that is gonna be something that you can never live down.

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